On November 10, Swedish electro-rock band Gravitonas (, already known as "the world's first streaming-driven music act", will take interactive musical culture to a whole new level with launch of the Gravitonas 2010 Remix Contest.

On this date, the acappella versions of three uptempo tracks from the new "The Coliseum EP" (released worldwide on all digital platforms on November 3) will be made available for free on the band's website. The three tracks are "Dry Your Eyes", "Not Gonna Be Dancing" and "Youth Is Wasted On The Young".

Fans, DJs, professional and amateur remix producers, will all be invited to make their own versions of the three songs in question and then be encouraged to upload their versions freely available for consumption on all available internet platforms. Gravitonas will then choose and contact two producers of each track to participate in a formal commercial release in early 2011 of the Gravitonas Coliseum Fanworks EP, a six-track EP available in 100 countries around the world as a legal download and streaming release. All profits from this EP release will be shared equally between Gravitonas and the remix producers in question.

Gravitonas are looking forward to the experiment immensely. Involving fans and colleagues directly into the production of the music of the future merely seems like the logical next stage in the development of online hybrid culture. Who knows, maybe the next Gravitonas hit single is produced by the fans and not by the band members themselves? And in that case, what will that specific producer do next?

Stockholm, October 2010