Gravitonas is a Stockholm-based band in the electro/dance/rock genre, fronted by lead vocalist Andreas Öhrn and celebrated record producer Alexander Bard, who work closely together with co-producer and co-writer Henrik Wikström and guitar virtuoso Ben Smith. Gravitonas was formed in 2010.

An initial single and video called “Kites” was released in April 2010 and instantly became a Top 5 Club Chart hit in Sweden as well as one of the most talked about tracks on international music blogs. A four-track EP called "The Hypnosis EP" was released in September 2010. Lead track and video "Religious" quickly became a massive airplay and a Top 10 club chart hit in Russia (with over 100,000 accumulated radio spins in early 2011). “Religious” then entered the Billboard Magazine Club Play Chart in the United States in March, 2011 as an import-only release and peaked a few weeks later at #28. It also went straight to #1 on the Swedish iTunes Album Dance genre list. A four-track EP called "The Coliseum EP" was released in November 2010 with the ballad “You Break Me Up” as lead single and video which became a major radio airplay hit in Sweden.

The single “Everybody Dance”, is a dance-pop collaboration with Russian electronica star Roma Kenga. The track quickly became a Russian Top 10 club and music TV video hit and soon entered the Russian Top 50 Airplay chart. It also entered top 20 on the Billboard Magazine Club Play Chart and peaked at #18! The U.S. release “Everybody Dance/Religious U.S. Remix EP” includes remixes of both tracks by Ralphi Rosario. “Everybody Dance” went straight into top 10 on the Scandinavian Dance chart as well as became a major dance radio hit. It also did very well on the Scandinavian dance chart, where the track stayed top 20 for several weeks. Released through Universal Music in Spain, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Russia, The Ukraine, Belarus and the rest of CIS, Poland (Magic Records)

The latest release “Lucky Star” is a 17-track EP and went directly into the top 10 on music control in Greece.

The single “Call Your Name” is a massive club and radio anthem including remixes by Zoo Brazil was released on the 21st of March 2012. A release through Universal Music in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and the Baltics, Russia and The Ukraine is already confirmed ! It peaked on the US Billboard Dancefloor Chart at #24 and it’s also the most downloaded and streamed song of all time in the bands history so far. The single is also the opening track on the digital EP “Black Ceremony” released in mid March 2012.

To follow up the massive hit that “Call Your Name” was Gravitonas started to collaborate with one of the most well-known Swedish hit makers – Anders Bagge (Madonna, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez). The result of this collaboration is the new single/video “Incredible”.
This is the perfect match between edgy ground breaking house music mixed up with catchy pop tunes! This is also the first time the whole band appears in a video. The single includes some floorfiller remixes by names like Axento, Andy Harding, NORD and SoundFactory.

The EP “The Hyperborea EP” includes some amazing collaborations with Swedish Rebstar and Hungarian star Kállai-Saunders in the beautiful and the dramatic ballad “Love Hurts”.
After meeting with Kallay Saunders in Budapest, Gravitonas decided to invite him for an international collaboration on the track. Mixing the rock vocals of Andreas with the soul vocals of Kallay Saunders turned out to be ideal for creating a radio-friendly ballad with a fresh sound for 2012.

Through this collaboration, Gravitonas are excited about presenting a dear friend and hopefully Hungary's next music export, the multitalented and hardworking Kállay Saunders, to an international pop and rock audience. The EP also features a guest performance by the well-known Swedish night club and electro queen Rebecca Stella.

Andreas Öhrn rose to fame as the founder and front figure of Swedish Amateurs, Sweden's leading underground punk rock band. Crossing over to the mainstream rock scene, Öhrn skipped traditional rock'n'roll and instead opted to work with electronica producers Bard and Wikström to create an innovative hybrid sound. Öhrn's co-producer Ben Smith is also involved with Gravitonas as the main guitar player of the project.

Although Gravitonas is the first project the two work together on, Alexander Bard and Henrik Wikström are both legendary record producers in Sweden. Bard first rose to fame in the early 1990s as one of the founders of the Swedish electro-pop scene (the other two being producers Denniz Pop and Max Martin). In 1992, with his own band Army Of Lovers (over seven million records sold to date) as its only signing, he partnered with legendary entrepreneur and producer Ola Håkansson to launch the classic record label Stockholm Records. Stockholm Records expanded rapidly, breaking major international stars like The Cardigans, A-Teens and Stakka Bo, and by the time the company was sold to Universal Music in 1998 it was already Scandinavia's biggest independent record company.